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GameNight 005: Hello Kitty Kinect experiment with Skanect

So tonight we continued trying to scan things with the Kinect, hooked up to the Windows 7 computer, using Skanect.

It went about as well as it could, but it seems this setup (or at least at this time) doesn’t have CUDA 2.0 functionality! Which, in effect, makes the program run reallllyyy slow! So slow, it was nearly impossible to capture said Kitty.

However, the process was interesting, and it seems with better hardware we would be getting somewhere. As seen in the screen shot below, we did capture .. some of the kitty in it’s glory. In color. Technicolor. yes, indeed.

So we were able to get Hello Kitty from Skanect into unity? Not even close.. again, could be hardware (just added a Radeon 7770, off brand.. maybe that’s the problem?)  Although, it was a fun experiment!

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Nate Haskins

Nate Haskins, Owner and Lead Programmer of BunnyGun Games.

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